Shoulder Bag

The time of departure has sounded and you must prepare your suitcase! Choose your business carefully so you do not have to worry. This section will allow you to refer you when preparing your suitcase but do not forget, sunglasses, hat, cap or even sunscreen will be essential!


Choose lightweight, durable suitcases made from waterproof fabrics, as well as travel cases that are easier to store in a boat. For hot destinations, you should provide sufficient spare clothing (T-shirts and shorts) as well as several swimsuits. As some evenings can be cool at sea, also take a small wool. Get a couple of pairs of shoes in addition to your pair to sail, you'll be glad to have lighter shoes for foot rides, collective showers, etc.

For off-season cruising or higher latitudes, woolen, fleece, sweaters and large socks in sufficient quantities are as essential as a good pair of boots and an oilskin.


As soon as you know your destination, prepare the paperwork associated with your destination without too much delay because some steps may require a delay (between 4 and 8 weeks, and sometimes more). For most states outside the European Union, an entry visa may be required. Check with your local consulate or embassy. The passport, which is mandatory for most non-EU destinations, can also allow you more flexibility within the EU than the only identity card, although it is theoretically sufficient to travel within the EU.


A disease can occur during a trip near the equator, in the tropics, or at certain seasons (monsoon in southeast Asia). Certain risks must be evaluated during the preparation of your cruise, according to your destination (climate, season, drinking water, sanitary conditions on the spot, etc ...) and your general fitness. It is also recommended that you consult your doctor 1 or 2 months before your departure in order to make a slight check-up and inquire about any necessary vaccines. Do you also have a small travel pharmacy that will contain your usual medicines, a sunscreen (a total screen suitable for your skin type, a lipstick), medicines for sunstroke (symptoms Nausea, vomiting, fever) of pain, allergy, transient diarrhea or seasickness during the first few hours on board. A repellent against mosquitoes as well as bandages are also recommended.

Maritima wish you a good cruise!

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