Sailboat, Catamaran and motor boat rental in Red Sea

Sailboat, Catamaran and motor boat rental in Red Sea

Rent a boat in Egypt


Red Sea

The Red Sea is located between the Indian Ocean to the south and the Mediterranean Sea to the north. It separates Africa from Asia to the Middle East. It owes its red color caused by the occasional flowering of the seaweed "Trichodesmium erythraeum". It is narrow in shape and extends in length with a southern entrance to the Gulf of Aden (Indian Ocean) and ends to the north by the Gulfs of Suez and Aquaba. It has an area of ​​about 438 000 km² with a maximum length of 2250 km and at its widest point, 255 km in width.

Come to sail in the Red Sea, it is to leave to the discovery of a gigantic aquarium. Indeed, it is populated by more than 1,000 species of invertebrates, 200 species of corals and at least 300 species of fish. All this in a sea of ​​warm water, the surface temperatures of the water are relatively constant, between 21 and 25 ° C, making it one of the hottest seas in the world.

Known for its famous Nile river, Egypt is the only destination that Maritima proposes to you in the Red Sea. Egypt, with its fascinating land and its endearing people, is mainly divided into four regions: Lower Egypt, Middle Egypt, Upper Egypt and Nubia.
To the south, a mountainous region blocks the Nile, and as it moves north, the landscape becomes more flat and desert.
The climate varies according to the season, but the air remains particularly dry. In summer, the temperatures are high but in the evening a regular breeze from the north refreshes the atmosphere. In winter, temperatures are much milder and nocturnal frosts are very impressive!



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To rent a boat in Egypt is to discover a unique civilization and a history that is so well known. Go sailing on the red sea and its warm water, stop by to visit historical monuments of Egyptian culture. You've never seen a pyramid? This is the perfect time to enjoy!


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