Our rental section of Gulets offers a wide range of rental schooners of any size (from 3 to 10 cabins), any range (Accostable, Elegance or Exception), there will necessarily be one to fit your budget. But today the rental of schooner evolved, the former sailing ships have been rehabilitated for the nautical tourism to offer all the necessary comfort. We are able to offer you a rental of caicos almost everywhere in the Mediterranean. Corsica and Sardinia thus have a boat for the specific purpose of discovering Ajaccio or Lavezzi on an exceptional sailing boat. But the hiring of Gulets does not stop at the French Littoral and its French Riviera.

What is the origin of the cruises aboard these traditional sailboats from Turkey and Croatia?

The first "blue cruises" were born in Turkey in the 1920s. The intellectual Cervat Sakir embarked on the schooners of sponge fishermen to sail around Bodrum and especially in the Gulf of Gokova.

If you want to taste the tapas and hire a schooner on the Spanish coast and in the Balearic archipelago is for you. Indeed, some sailboats officiate in Spain to the delight of the enthusiasts of caiques.But other archipelagos are full of hidden beauties, such as the Aeolian Islands and the island of Elba. If you are more attracted by this area of ​​navigation of the Mediterranean, you can equally well rent a schooner in Sicily and Italy. Moreover, in recent years, schooners have been exported around the world and new unusual destinations are appearing, the turquoise waters of Asia are home to these exceptional sailboats, as is the case of Thailand for example.

If, on the contrary, it is the waters of the southern hemisphere that attracts you, what could be more perfect than a schooner rental in the Seychelles? This beautiful archipelago has nothing to envy the other islands of the globe. With its turquoise waters and granite stones on the beach. Beautiful landscapes within easy reach.Finally, some of our schooners are based on one of the most curious countries on our planet. Thousands of islands in the middle of the ocean that form a real country. So you can rent a schooner in the Maldives and discover this extraordinary archipelago on an antique sailboat. Would you like to rent a private schooner with family or friends? Contact us by mail or phone (+33 1 76 69 36 04) for a personalized quote.

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