Rent a Gulet and Caicos


The Gulet and its various appellations (Gulet, caique) differ from other sailboats by its great maneuverability requiring a reduced crew. This one consists of 1 or 2 sailors and a cook. The schooner is a fantastic way to sail and visit the coasts that are mostly inaccessible  by land. Cruising speed is 9 knots (16 km / h) and the distances traveled are modest. The day "type" includes a long lunch on board and many stops for swimming or visit.

Enjoy the authenticity of a cruise aboard a schooner in the Mediterranean. These large and comfortable sailing boats from 4 to 9 cabins are truly ideal for an unforgettable holiday with friends or family. Among the main destinations for the rental of private schooner or cabin we offer Turkey and Croatia ... You do not worry about all that attracts to the navigation and take full advantage of the cabotage by hiring a boat with crew. For sailors who wish to improve their skills in harbor maneuvers, the skipper is there to teach you. In the evening the hostess and the cook will prepare specialties with the local products or the fishing of the day! Maritima offers sailboat rentals with crewed skipper and hostess or a skipper alone.

What is the origin of the cruises aboard these traditional sailboats from Turkey and Croatia? The first "blue cruises" were born in Turkey in the 1920s. The intellectual Cervat Sakir embarked on the schooners of sponge fishermen to sail around Bodrum and especially in the Gulf of Gokova. The writer in exile literally falls under the spell of these cruises and their crew, which allow him to discover exceptional places inaccessible other than by the sea and especially, offering another point of view on the littoral. He began to mention them in his books and to discuss them around him with friends, mostly scholars. Thus in the 1960s, schooner cruises developed, the rental of old sailing ships was born. It should be noted that schooners at that time were also used as merchant ships between Dubrovnik and the Kornatis archipelago. Thus these ancient sailing boats also sailed in the waters of Croatia. All Schooner rental destinations.

You want to go elsewhere no problems we also offer to sail the turquoise waters of Thailand, the Seychelles or the Maldives ... But also in Corsica, Montenegro and on the French Riviera You can make a request by contacting us by e-mail ... From now on, discovering a new country, an island, or sailing ribs is an experience that can be experienced by everyone. Whether you are experienced to sail alone or simply a boat lover, the sea is yours. Our skippers will take the helm and share with you their local knowledge, coves, idyllic anchorage areas, deserted beaches or gourmet restaurants. We specialize in cabin rental, we invite you to share our passion for traditional boats to take you on superb schooners and other luxury caique and catamarans. Go for a private cruise with friends or family and enjoy the calm of your floating hotel. Travel and visit the most beautiful places on earth thanks to our itineraries, cultural and historical, sporting or relaxing; We organize for you, the stay of your dreams. Other destinations..