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More infos What's a Gulet?

A gulet, also known as Caesium or Ketch, is a former fishing or trade boat. In the Turkish origin, these ancient ships have been built, Have been welcomed to welcome you today. Our ranges consists of three types of gullet, each with its specificity: accostable, elegance, Exception. It can be said that a goblet consist of three parts:
Cabins: This is your personal space where you store your belongings, you sleep at night.
The lounge: here is where you can meet, a bar is set up, Your disposition on each of the gullies.
The bridge: it is probably here that you will pass the majority, Of your time when browsing. Generally speaking, A solarium, where you can have your meals or relax in the sun.

More infos Do Gulet sail?

Tastes can be anything, Makes sailing Sails, they are sailboats, the base. On the other hand, it is necessary that the meteorological conditions be realized in order for the boat to take off.

More infos Are all Gulet the same?

Together, the tastes are similar. They have the same history and had a history of " Not much to the same extent. However, there are several ranges and several sizes of flutes. Thus, the flags of the accostable range, elegance or exception will be very different in terms of equipment and quality, on duty.

More infos Will i have enough room for my luggage?

It should be noted that even if the cabins are spacious and run on a boat means saving space. Thus, it is recommended that, Not to carry suitcases but instead of flexible bags that you can store in a closet.

More infos Are there plugs for recharging my devices?

Yes, all our boats are equipped with an electrical power supply system to recharge your camcorders, cameras or laptops. The catch is European type.

More infos Cruise in Gulet like Hostel?

Cruising in the Gulf has many advantages over traditional tourist hotels. Every day you discover new landscapes, new beaches without the need to take any bus or rent a car. No need to look for a free place in front of the pool because everything is; Disposition on the deck of your sailboat. Calm and tranquility Because you do not surround yourself, Of tourists.

More infos What are the benefits of Gulet cruise?

Cruising in the Gulf has many advantages over traditional tourist hotels. Every day you discover new landscapes, new beaches without the need to take any bus or rent a car. No need to look for a free place in front of the pool because everything is; Disposition on the deck of your sailboat. Calm and tranquility Because you do not surround yourself, Of tourists.

More infos Good to know

Team members are always included in the rental price:
Their number depends on the size, the number of cabins and the standard of the groom
Port or customs taxes (notably between the Grant and Turkey) are not always included in the rental
The pension is never included in the tariff.

More infos How to book ?

Use our contact form to request a quote. Provide the most accurate answers to the questions posed. What we can best advise you. Within 24 hours you will receive your complete quote with our availability. If you like one of the gossip you can ask an option the time to discuss it with your friends.

More infos The essential equipement !

There are things; Do not forget when you go cruising, to facilitate the tackle we have preached to you, A small list, You can add or remove things, Your convenience.
Your swimsuit
From the solar crew
Sunglasses and hat
& Ndash; Your favorite book
Your toiletries.
You probably will not need much else!

More infos Would i have the sea?

The giants are impressive sailboats. In fact, they are extremely stable and undergo only very little movement of the water. On the other hand, do not forget that you are still on a boat and maybe it moves a little bit of everything. In the event of a capricious sea, the skipper will decide with you whether or not you wish to leave the harbor. And avoid any disagreement.

More infos Preferences list !

Approximately three weeks prior to your departure you will be given a list of pre - ferences. That is, You will need to indicate what you are planning to do during your cruise (lazing around, visiting hellip if you have allergies and what you are suggesting for meals (fish, meat, etc.). ).

More infos What time for check in?

Embarkation between 16 and 17h. Departure around 8h or 9h.

More infos Could i choose my cruise?

We have everything you need. Makes the right to discuss your itinerary with the captain. This happens the first day. On the other hand, he will always have the last word if he judges a navigation zone too dangerous or that the time is too degraded, For navigation.

More infos Dog, cats ?

This is decided on a case by case basis, and generally small animals can be admitted, with an extra cost for cleaning.

More infos Cruise speed of Gulet ?

You can pay for your rental week by credit card, bank transfer or money order. The cruising speed of a schooner depends on the boat's engines. However, their cruising speed ranges between 8 and 12 knots depending on the sailboats.

More infos Price of Gulet?

The price of the goats is calculated, as for a traditional sailboat rental, in some way.Read your contract well and ask any questions you need.
So when you rent your guru the quote is sized as follows:
- The price of the hiring: it includes the rental of the boat, the salary of the crew, the insurance on the schooner, the sheets and towels of beach. - The food: always extra, however several formulas exist. & Nbsp; So you can choose a half board or a full board. - Drinks: Generally you can bring your own beverages. On the other hand, on some gullies it is formally forbidden and you must order at the bar of the boat. & Nbsp; Fortunately to palliate; That, all-inclusive formulas exist and allow you to enjoy drinks unlimited.
Obviously, all this will be de - On your quote.

More infos Capacity of Gulet?

Tables can accommodate 6 ' 24 people, there are boats of 3 & 12 cabins. The sizes of the flasks range from 15 to 40 meters according to their capacity. But some very upscale shops have only 4 or 5 passenger cabins and do not exceed 45 m.



More infos Croatia?

There are different itineraries depending on the length of your stay and your departure port. However, there are several zones, C & ocirc; Which you should not pass without stopping:
DUBROVNIK: Situated at The southernmost part of the country, Dubrovnik and nicknamed the pearl of the Adriatic. It is probably the most beautiful port of Croatia (a fortified city) but also a very touristy place.
HVAR: This is a port located in the Of the name and the name. It houses restaurants finer than the others. It is also one of the most beautiful in Croatia. However, it is also considered as the Saint Tropez of the region and if the jet set is not your cup of therapeutic, do not go there.
KORNATIS ARCHIPEL: Still wild, Kornatis archipelago offers the most turquoise and transparent water of all Croatia. Between wild nature and paradisiacal panoramas, Your taste will take you to the crowd and enjoy exceptional anchorages.
SKRADIN: The town of Skradin was built, Protected mass tourism and is therefore very typical. It is the starting point of a hike, Through the natural park of Krk Falls.
SPLIT and ZADAR: These are the biggest ports of Croatia, here is where the majority of the Croatian sailboats and goats. Rich in archaeological sites and full of life, discover these magnificent harbors, Your rhythm.

More infos Greece?

A country of exceptional navigation, the Grèze will offer you exceptional panoramas. Between archipelagoes, beaches and wild coves, here are the places you can not miss during your cruise in the Grèches:
ATHENS: Rich of many archaeological sites dating back to antiquity, And the golden era, the Greek capital is a modern city.
THE CYCLADES: Many of them await you for your cruise. The cyclades, and the millenniums are full of riches and landscapes more beautiful than the others. Santorini and its white towns, Mykonos and its nightlife. Each and every one of them has its own specialty, there is one to suit you.
SPORADES: Typical harbors, white houses, marine caves and beaches of recreation, the sporades are one of the most beautiful areas of navigation of the Greece. Although much more wild and less affected by mass tourism than the Cyclades, this is the ideal starting point for a cruise in Gothic to relax and rest. Far from the hustle and bustle of the crowd, only the anchorages for your old sailboat are waiting for you.
ATHENS SARONIC GULF: If you rent a gourmet in the Athens Gulf, a peaceful sailing awaits you. Rich in historical monuments and ancient vestiges more magnificent than the others, this cruise with culture is often marked by culture and decency. Discover the Grà © ge in another way, discover the Grà © govet in gaiety.

More infos Italy?

Several itineraries are available, Your accommodation for your holiday rental in Italy. You will be able to discuss this with the skipper but, in general, the base will have a regular influence on the itinerary, especially for cruise ships with a one week skiing, do the Tour of the Italian coast by sailing would then take too long.
On the outskirts of Naples: Generally, it is towards Capri that the goiter is heading, so you will embark; On the edge of your Ketch at the port of Naples and cover the many small typical ports that litter the Italian cemetery, Piccola, Faraglioni through the wonder of nature that is the blue cave, this setting in leg will be a formidable part of your cruise in Greece in Italy. On the outskirts of Sicily: once again, several itineraries exist and you have to discuss it with the captain of the shop you rent. On the other hand we can advise you an interesting itinerary. Enjoy the fact of Sicily to climb the stromboli, volcano still in the break. Discover the magnificent port of Milazzo. Then sail to Panarea and wet your goat in its magnificent coves and creeks, make a detour through the historic village that still in this region of Italy. Lift the anchor and sail to Salina and its disturbing atmosphere, submarine fumaroles are disguised in the area (avoid bathing, they dislodge a disastrous odor that remains On the skin for two or three days). Visit the Lisca Nera, Basiluzzo or Datillo lots which have been taken out of the water at the time of discovery and give them a rather unusual shape. Go down from your goblet to visit the small village of San Marina and its pretty monuments. You will then spend the night in your rental shop. The wind shelter. The next day you will be able to visit the Lipari Museum where the convent is exceptional beauty. The portal is a jewel in the region and its volcanological museum is a good mouth for your next stage. Volcano, only the name of this might make some people tremble. This is purely and simply a volcano. Take the time to leave your tiller at the anchorage to make the crash climb. You will not regret it, extra-ordinary colors, fumaroles and a smell of sulfur, an anxious place and out of time.

More infos Turkey?

The ideal starting point for a holiday rental in Turkey are Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek or Dubrovnik. Each of the departure bases offers modular itineraries according to your desires.
Bodrum: it is an extraordinary and cosmopolitan city. The city is a queen and the city is only visited. The fall of the night. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the country, do not hesitate. Spend the night Edge of your taste in the port of Bodrum. If you want to swim, we advise you to put your taster to the anchorage near Karaada a small island that faces the great Turkish harbor.

If you wish you can continue your cruise with Turkey in the direction of Mersincik which is one of the prettiest bays in the country, swimming is a must! But the apotheosis of this pretty gulf is surely in the mooring of cedil; ati, I do not tell you more and lets you discover & How beautiful these landscapes are.
After a good night's sleep, On your magnificent rental boat in Turkey, ask the skipper to sail in the direction of the Sept. If you are a diving enthusiast, and in any case snorkeling, this is a must for any self-respecting cruiser. Indeed, this region is known for its exceptional coral reef. The port in which the boat is to be moored in this region is Kufre, a small fishing harbor very sympathetic.
The next step we advise you is the village of Karacasogut in the bar of Longoz, a typical Turkish village of beauty, Natural environment.



Plus d'infos Luxury Gulet ?

In this range you will find all the prestige tastes worthy of the biggest stars. These are among the most beautiful of the world's exceptional flavors. The cabins of these galleys are sumptuous, this type is often well- One or two master or VIP cabins. There are sometimes in the cabins of these luxury yachts a Jacuzzi or even a sauna. The Jacouzzi are often on the upper deck of these magnificent boats. On these exceptions is ensured, By qualified personnel; And accredited. For high-end service.

Plus d'infos Superior Gulet ?

The range's flavors, Superior & raquo; Are more efficient than the range. The saloon and cabins of these boats are equipped with air conditioning. The cabins are generally more spacious and have different storage arrangements, these sailboats are also of more recent design. Some of these tastes and ceremonies can be bought at the last minute

Plus d'infos Standar Gulet ?

The Category & Accostable & raquo; Brings together all the tastes of the economic class. & Economics means that it brings together the entry-level gauges without air conditioning and a little more acci- dent. Cabin sizes are also more restricted with respect to the size of the cabin. An upscale or luxurious boutique. The cabins are equally equipped with a private bathroom (shower and toilet). They are not less comfortable or without the service of the crew. These gourmets welcome you to many destinations of the Mediterranean. The most affordable destinations are cruises in Turkey and Croatia. Like all privately owned passengers, it is the passengers and the master of the boat who establish the itinerary of the cruise.

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