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More infosWho should pay the deposit?

The deposit is paid on the first day of boarding directly, The owner according to different means (bank card, bank or cash). The security deposit is not collected and is returned. End-of-contract inventory.

More infosWhy a deposit ?

A security deposit is required for all boat rentals to cover any deductions occasioned to the boat or, Equipment.

More infosWhy a deposit with a professional Skipper?

The skipper is solely responsible for the navigation, the tenant is responsible for any other occasional decease, like a fire in the kitchen, abysmal material, Etc.

More infosBoat insurance?

All our rental boats are fully insured

More infosWhat's Franchise?

It is the amount of the damages that remains the expense of the insured, (The shipowner or the boat owner) in the event of a dispute. It is determined by a percentage of the amount of the loss, or by an amount. The day of my embarkation the boat is dirty or in bad condition. It is very rare that this case happens we are working with trusted shipowners for whom we have mostly visited. In addition, each customer can note the shipowner by means of an intermediate form and note it to be rented between 1 and 5, it is important to note that the shipowners attach great importance, This note and do their utmost to make the guests spend a pleasant cruise.

More infosVHF ?

It is necessary to get in touch with ANFR (National Agency of Radio Frequencies).

More infosSailing Experience?

The nautical CV is a mandatory document; Fill, it is delivered; The owner to ensure that the skipper is well fit; Sailing on the boat ..

More infosWhich documents for sailing?

There is no need to have a license in France to sail with a sailboat. The Sea Card Permit gives you permission to go out to sea in days only and up until the end of the day. 5 Miles, (9 Kilometers), with any boat of lesser power, 50 Cv.
The Permit C allows you to navigate, without limitation, size or power, day and night. You do not, however, have the right to do so. A distance of 5 Miles from the corridors.
The offshore license authorizes you to: Navigate without any restrictions. With this license you can read a chart, identify, map roads, calculate the variation and height of water in a port, your detriment due to wind and current, the different headlights. On the contrary, a sailing license is mandatory for sailing.

More infosWhich documents for Agency ?

The required documents to validate your rental are the following:
-A photocopy of the boat license for a motor boat rental in France
-A photocopy of the boat license or a sailing license for any boat rental; Outside
-The skipper must provide a photocopy of his / her identity card, Or a passport and complete his nautical resume
-Completing the list of items on his client area (identity card or passport)
Once all this information is collected we will send you a document; Which is a summary of all the necessary information, your boat rental (information on bases, agreed options)

More infosBed linen and Towels?

Yes, as in a hotel where the bunks are equipped with linen, Namely sheets and towels. But beware beach towels are not provided.

More infosElectrical equipements?

The boats have a 12V socket, similar to the cigar lighter sockets of the cars. All you need to do is connect a 12V cable to your TV, Your device, or more simply a converter 12V to 220V

More infosRegatas ?

Yes, but we have to wait for you to get a boat ready for you. For this kind of research

More infosWhere i can sail?

No navigation areas are established with the shipowner. Boarding and it is strictly forbidden to sail out of the sailing area.

More infosWhich equipement for my cruise?

The equipment is provided with its different rental depending on the boat and the shipowner.

More infosWhat's include in ?

No product is left, For matters of cleanliness, And hygiene. At your arrival, you will find, in general, dish towels, 1 garbage bag, 1 sponge, 1 match box and 1 roll of toilet paper / toilet.

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