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More infos Why should you deposit a bond?

You must deposit a deposit to cover any costs incurred in the event of degradation of the boat connected to the boat. Navigation or otherwise.

More infos When is the deposit required?

You must deposit the bond before proceeding. Boarding at the hirer

More infos How to deposit?

Either you deposit a deposit, or the landlord will take the loan from your credit card. The second option is only possible in the case of a boat rental. The required permits and supplies must be provided on his or her credit card at the time of departure.

More infos Is the boat insured?

When renting a boat, it must be insured. All sailboats and boats Motorcycles offered by MARITIMA are covered by the comprehensive insurance of our partner rental companies. Their insurance is specially designed for boat rental and charter.

More infos Why should you deposit a bond when you have recourse to a professional skipper?

The skipper is insured. For all that relates to pure navigation. It is therefore responsible for any defects in the use of the boat. However, the tenant is responsible for the good condition of the equipment, (Refrigerator, oven, toilets). It is then your deposit that will be retained if one or more of these items are damaged.

More infos What's franchising?

It is the sum of money, pay, not assumed by the insurer in the event of a claim. The amount may be fixed or variable (a percentage of the total amount of the loss).

More infos How book damage weaver?

Simply fill in the form of our partner West insurance which you will find in our confirmation mail as well as at the bottom of our website. You will therefore enter into a contract between the insurer and you directly.

More infos How calculate damage weaver?

The price is calculated on the basis of the amount of your boat rental excluding option).
- Europe area: 4% and 20 euro of fees
- Outside Europe: 5% and 20 euro of fees
The minimum amount for subscribing franchise buyback insurance is 80 €.

More infos How do I get a refund in the event of a disaster?

To be covered by your Franchise Redemption Insurance, you must take action as soon as possible. - First inform the authorities that there are injuries, even minor ones. - Then please fill in the amicable boating report and recreate your sea report (explaining how the incident occurred). - Have a quote and send it to us. West insurance (you have a 10 day delay). - Please enclose your personal contact information so that you can be reached on the spot and the exact location of the boat in case of expertise. Which countries and zones of navigation are considered intra - European? What is the cost of cancellation insurance? The amount of insurance cancellation is 3% of the amount of the rental excluding option plus 20 euro of fees

More infos What does the cancellation insurance cover?

The conditions are sometimes adjusted, Change, please find them on the website of our partner 2 AM and Ouest Assurance.



More infos Bed Linen?

In the case of a charter cruise, the sheets are often optional. They can be included or paid for. Please check the detail of the options in each offer.

More infos Electrical Plugs?

It is of course possible to connect electrical appliances (chargers, pc, mobile phone). However you will need a 12v adapter for the sockets. You can use the 220v to the port.

More infos Basic products on boat?

There are normally no maintenance products, You have to make sure that you do. This is also the case for food. Think of it; Ask if refueling is possible, if not pre-view an hour for shopping before boarding.



More infos Limited navigation?

Yes, it is the shipowner who decides the extent of the latter depending on the insurance of the boat. Make sure with him before leaving to not get out of this area. Otherwise you will not be covered by insurance.

More infos Night sailing?

If the equipment of the vessel permits, Made possible to do night-time sailing. Caution Certain destinations such as the Caribbean which do not Sail at night. Think, then, Please contact the local authorities.



More infosBoat broken, what's happen?

As far as possible, the lessor must offer you a boat at least equivalent to his fleet or upgrade to a higher model. If there is no more boat, with our network, we will do our utmost to find you a replacement boat.

More infos Problems during cruise?

As we work with trusted professionals, it is rare that major damage occurs. If in any case, we would find a solution to make or change the last boat.

More infos Damage on boat at chek in ?

Our partners attach particular importance, this is why they are for the most part very well maintained. If this happens, we can be contacted every Saturday to try to resolve this problem as soon as possible.



More infos When i must pay options?

Some must be paid during the reservation and then others can be confirmed on site. The landlord will ask you to pay them before you board.

More infos Secure payment online?

Online payment PAYPAL and HIPAY are very secure. Your banking and personal data are encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Private Communication Technology

More infos Payment in 3 times?

You can actually pay in 2 times, 50% Reservation and Balance; 5 weeks from the start, however you will not receive a 1% discount for payment content.

More infos How to pay?

You can set your rental week by credit card, bank transfer or money order.

More infos Why my paiement is canceled?

You may have ceilings or different security features on your credit card. If payment is refused, try again two or three times. If the refusal persists, please contact your bank.

More infos Which credit card?

We only accept MasterCards and Visa.

More infos Marina fees?

No, these fees are for your charge.



More infos Generals terms?

Maritima has general conditions of reservation available on this page: General Terms and Conditions.

More infos Is it possible to add / modify / delete options after signing the contract?

You can only act on the non-mandatory options payable locally. You just have to wait a minimum of one month before your cruise.

More infos Cancel booking?

It is possible to cancel your rental but you will lose the installments you have paid us.



Plus d'infosWhat are the required documents for a rental abroad?

You must provide before the start a complete list of pages, the skipper's nautical resume and a VHF certificate.

More infos Crew list?

The landlord must report to the entire local maritime affairs team. You must therefore indicate the name, surname, nationality, date and place of birth, Passport and date of expiry. This list is mandatory, otherwise the landlord can not let you go.

More infos Sailing experience?

The nautical resume is the guarantee of your level of sail. That is, Us and the hirer to determine if you are able to rent a sailboat on a destination that you do not know forced. We reserve the right to oblige you, take a skipper if your level is too low.

More infos VHF?

You must contact ANFR (National Radio Frequency Agency) who delivers the VHF certificates required for a rental. Www.anfr.fr



More infos Check in?

A simple proof of identity, allows you to perform a Boarding. You will also need to have the originals of your boat license and VHF certificate if necessary.

More infos At what time?

The reason is very simple, the customers having rented, your boat the week before your departure on Saturday morning. The boat must then be cleaned and maintained. If there has ever been any breakage, you have to make sure your boat is ready. Leave in perfect condition. This is why you can only leave after midday and not in the morning.

More infos Inventory?

Everything depends on the type of boat (monohull, catamaran), size, country, rental company. Count on average between one and two hours maximum.

More infos Late embarking?

It is generally possible to arrive late at night, the owner will leave your boat open. However, you will have to wait until the next morning to proceed boarding.

More infosIs it possible to make the inventory outside office hours??

No, because the hirer need staff to process. During the season, the time slots are wide enough for you to find in the crib.

More infos Which means of payment are accepted for the payment of options on the spot?

The best is to expect liquid, otherwise the blue card is accepted.


More infos Why can we find different prices on similar boats?

The price of a rental is not only due to the boat itself but, the navigation area, The costs for the hirers are not the same in Corsica as in Croatia. In addition, the year of construction is important, the location of the vessels, Sailing is quite fast, which can sometimes explain price defects

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