Crew Cruises

Embark on a unique sailboat, enjoy the charm of sailing and the ambience of a private cruise. Discover the exceptional marriage of the nautical tradition and luxury holidays aboard our magnificent sailboats. The romantic and comfortable setting of our boats will transport you for an unforgettable stay. Some destinations where you will find crewed boats for rent: The French Riviera, Corsica, and many other destinations ... (Mexico, Indonesia, Cyprus, Egypt, Belize ...)

Lovers of the sea or original holidays, want to get off the beaten track and discover otherwise a destination. Cruising with crew is a great way to share the pleasures of sailing with family or friends. Participate in the maneuvers on board or chill on the deck, our skipper takes care of you to discover the unique charms and unusual places of our destinations. A few hours of sailing a day are enough to transport you from a picturesque harbor on a lush island. On board sailboats or catamarans, a wide choice of destinations and boats is offered to you, the bar is in your hands!

Whether you are a sailing enthusiast, you want a relaxing cruise or actively participate in maneuvers, our cabin or crew cruises are designed for you. You will sail from picturesque ports to paradise islands, your private cruise will stop where no liner is able to take you.

Crew Cruise

Crew boat

Discover exceptional monohulls for exceptional cruises. Hire a 50 to 100 foot boat to navigate all the seas and oceans of the globe. You do not mind anything the captain watches over the navigation and the hostess takes care of everything on board. You only have to enjoy the sun on the beaches and the sea and its swimming. Our most beautiful sailboats are in the Mediterranean basin, the Caribbean or even the Indian Ocean. Rental of large luxury catamaran with crew in the world. We offer cruises on catamaran with skipper and hostess to the Caribbean, the Seychelles or the Mediterranean. A catamaran is much appreciated by boaters because it is much more stable than a monohull and its low draft makes it possible to make moorings as close as possible to the shore. Discover our range of catamaran sailing boats ranging from 50 to 100 feet , Luxury Catamaran rental with crew of over 65 feet These exceptional catamarans are reserved for customers wishing to make unforgettable cruises on exceptional boats. The catamarans and their crews will satisfy you, they will do everything possible to make you spend pleasant holidays. These prestigious sailboats offer luxury services that will meet your wildest expectations. Rent a catamaran with crew from 50 feet for a cruise with family or friends. Discover new horizons with cruises in the Mediterranean, in the Caribbean or in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Islands.

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