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Black Sea


The Black Sea is an almost closed sea between Europe, the Caucasus and Anatolia. It covers an area of ​​413,000 km². It is characterized by a something called "pontic climate", a transitional variant of the temperate climate with Mediterranean characteristics but also continental in the north and subtropical humid in the south. This climate is therefore conducive to high plant productivity.

Yet it is an unknown destination ... But a few countries are now heading for sailing in the Black Sea. The first country to offer boats for hire is Romania with the base of Limanu. We have a small fleet also in the Crimea, and boats with crew in Bulgaria and Ukraine.

Discover something different, a new experience out of the ordinary, inspired by sunny days, the beauty of nature. A walk on the south coast of the Black Sea, accompanied by passages through the few remaining beaches "virgins" in Bulgaria. Treat yourself to complete rest and relaxation.


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Bulgaria is the most enigmatic country in Eastern Europe and is at the heart of Baltic Europe. A landscape that brings together mountains, forests, lost valleys, fertile plains, lakes, rivers and beaches. This country is a natural crossroads in the heart of the Balkans.


A crossroads of oriental, Byzantine, Slavic and Oriental influences, Romania is full of beautiful landscapes. Discover the Danube Delta, mountains and well-designed countryside and fertile plains.


Russia is the largest country in the world. Let yourself be tempted by a cruise in the Black Sea from a Russian marina!

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