Sailboat and Catamaran rental in Baltic Sea

Sailboat and Catamaran rental in Baltic Sea

Rent a boat in Sweden , Finland and Germany ...


Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea is located in northern Europe and connected to the Atlantic Ocean. It is made up of large basins linked together by thresholds of shallows and of islands (islands of Denmark and Aland). These waters are not very salty because many rivers of fresh water feed it during the melting of the snows. The currents suffer the effects of the wind and generally follow a senestre movement (counterclockwise).

The Baltic Sea remains a summer destination that is unknown. And yet! Sweden and its many fjords, like Finland, are the most famous destinations. A cruise in the Baltic Sea, you will leave memories with varied landscapes. There are also regions that are navigable in summer such as Germany, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. Note that we also have partners in Russia from Saint Petersburg Not to mention Denmark. Do not hesitate to ask us by e-mail or telephone for these destinations.


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Germany, one of the most popular holiday destinations for families, singles, couples or even the island of Rügen with chalk cliffs, vast sandy beaches and the unique combination of seaside and world-renowned Kneipp .

Le Denmark

 Denmark on the Baltic Sea is a fabulous playground for renting a boat from the Port of Dyvig.


The Estonian coast is 3,800 km long and it has a very diverse archipelago (about 1,500 islands and islets). Estonian ports are well equipped and at the moment there are about 30 ports suitable for cruise ships. Nature invites you to relax, natural and not mass tourism.


Finland is a country of the Baltic Sea, accessible from Sweden by boat, or from our bases of departure of Mariehamm or even Taalintehdas and Helsinki. Or Turku which is the old capital of Norway.


About 30 kilometers from Riga, Latvia is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Baltic, very popular with Russians in Soviet times. As for Rundale, the "Versailles" of Latvia, it alone deserves to be discovered!


A population of about 3 million and shares its borders with Latvia, Belarus, Poland and the Kaliningrad region (Russia). Lithuania has a rich history, old traditions of life, and unique natural beauty. In Lithuania, amber was adopted as a symbol of the country.


Poland is a destination of the Baltic Sea ... Rather fluvial, however departing from Gdansk, you will find some boats.


Moscow owns only about 20 yacht clubs, of which at least ten at the hearing and constantly spend sailing events, regattas and races. Main sailing and motor venue - the Moscow River, lakes and reservoirs in Moscow and in the region.


Sweden is more than 20 000 km of coast, fjords, islands, without maps you will be lost between these numerous islands and possibilities of mooring on wooden pontoons or planting a piles on land to moor your boats.

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