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Rent a boat in Burma, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand or Viet Nam


Asia is the largest continent in the world and also the most populous. It has large and varied ensembles, sailing in Asia always a pleasure. Your next cruise could be from Bali to Indonesia or Phuket to Thailand. You can also discover the Malaise from our Tioman or Langkawi marinas.

Maritima offers three major destinations in Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Indonesia is one of the countries with the most people and ethnic groups. There are a multitude of islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean with capricious waters, impenetrable jungles on the island of Sumatra or the volcanic region of Java. You will have understood, Indonesia invites to disorientation.

Between mountain and tropical forests, Thailand is the land of Buddhism. One must visit one of the 30,000 temples scattered throughout the country and why not let your senses go into a Bangkok market. To the south you can taste the turquoise water of the beaches of Phuket, the beaches and the rocks gushing from the sea are also to be seen. Thailand remains one of the last countries to gather so many quality ingredients for an unforgettable holiday.

Malaysia, a land of urbanism and jungle. Indeed, the peculiarity of this country is that most of the cities were built in the middle of the jungle. To the west is a developed country, to the east a coast comprising beaches very similar to that of Thailand and remain ideal for a calm and serene navigation. Think of the Philippines as well

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The Indonesian archipelago offers a multitude of islands oscillating between Asia and the Pacific Ocean, like a pearl necklace on a coral background. Still unrecognized for the rental of boats, Indonesia reveals yet beautiful places to beaches just paradisiac and breathtaking coves.


Malaysia consists of the peninsula to the south of Thailand, the northern island territory of Borneo and a few rosaries of islands, the best known being the Langkawi. Choose your sailboat rental in Malaysia is to choose the total change of scenery, sailing not far from a tropical forest bordered by an intense blue sea.


New in another country in Asia, Philippines in the South East of Asia, on the edge of the Pacific Ocean ... To discover absolutely by renting a catamaran from Subic Bay and sailing in the middle of the 7107 Islands of the archipelago .

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka , new destination in Asia...




Thailand is world famous for its long sandy beaches paradisiacs. The problem is that mass tourism has removed the charm of this country out of the ordinary. To escape mass tourism no better way than renting a sailboat in Thailand that will allow you to reach more remote beaches and not yet colonized by monstrous resorts. You will be able to discover thus the island of Koh Pinggan better known under the name of "James Bond Island

Viet Nam

Viet Nam

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