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Seychelles : Come to discover this destination of dream


- Day 1: Mahé / Thérèse Island Embarquement at noon in the marina Angel Fish of Rock Caïman. Have lunch on board during the navigation of two hours along the north coast and the northwest of Mahé, cape to Thérèse Island. At the foot of this high granite of 160 m which is covered with coconut palms and filaos hides one of the most beautiful and wilder beaches of Mahé and the surrounding islands. Night navigation towards Desroches.

- Day 2&3: Desroches
6,2 km long, the island is completely covered with plantations of coconut palms protected from the sea breezes by thick hedges of filaos. 15 km of fine sand beach, most of the time deserted. Numerous spots for snorkeling which reserves an exceptional show in a natural aquarium with crystalline waters, beautiful coral reefs sheltering myriads of multicolored fishes. For the amateurs of scuba diving Desroches is considered by the specialists as one of the best sites of Indian Ocean. Nautical activities: windsurfing board, sea kayak.

- Day 4&5: pepper and Island of the South
During the 3 hours of navigation under veil, dragnet fishing in waters among the full of fish of the world: tunas, bonitos, barracudas, swordfishes … This atoll is a paradise for the snorkeling or with bottles. Each of both islands which are connected with the low tide welcomes a small timeless village where few workers pursue the exploitation of the copra.. It is necessary to take time to stroll along paths through coconut plantations to discover an intact nature encircled by coral and by white sand. From December till February you will doubtless see some marine tortoises going back up on the beach( to lay their eggs. Possibility of scuba diving and nauticals activities.

- Day 6&7: St Joseph
The atoll St Joseph is formed of a wide coral ring with a main island extending over 2500 m in the East, four secondary islands and few littles islands.  Magnificent lagoon with high funds of white sand. Submarine dive not to be missed. The excursion in appendix will lead you at the heart of a mangrove swamp, a very wild site of a surprising beauty where you can observe colonies of birds. Nautical activities: windsurfing board, sea kayak.

- Day 8&9: the African Bench
An immense white sand beach on Indian Ocean, waits for you in the term of a beautiful navigation of 6 hours to the north of Amirantes where you will maybe see some dolphins and can fish some bonitos, tunas and other swordfishes. Only some bundles of coconut palms emerge from this universe of sand and from salt water inhabited by thousands of birds at the time of the nesting. No human presence, the magnificent, spotless nature, only for you. Night navigation towards the St Anne island  in the Mahé's marine park.

- Day 10: marine Park of society Anne:
Snorkeling, visit of the various islands of the park. Nautical activities: board, sea kayak.

- Day 11: Mahé
Landing early in the morning in the marina Angel Fish of Rock Caïman.


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