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MADAGASCAR, unforgettable discovery : 7DAYS /6NIGHTS


- Day 1: Nosy Be / Bay(Berry) of the Russians

We leave Nosy Be to reach the bay of the Russians which arranges magnificent beaches lined with coconut palms and with filaos. Dive and strolls on the ground.

- Day 2: bay of the Russians /Nosy Iranja / Barahamamay

After the breakfast, cape to Nosy Iranja, the island of tortoises, a heavenly place. Its white sand beaches are also chosen by sea turtles to deposit their eggs there. Pursuit of our navigation towards the magnificent bay of Baramahamay where beautiful small beaches line the river of the same name. Farther towards lands, the mangrove is the paradise of water birds.

- Day 3: Barahamamay / Kalakajoro

Departure for Nosy Kalakajoro, small heaven on Earth with its transparent water and its white sand. An intact and protected nature, a site of a wild beauty in the luxuriant vegetation.

- Day 4: Kalakajoro / Nosy Valiha

We leave Kalakajoro to join Nosy Valiha, the most southerly of Radama islands. Anchorage in front of a beautiful beach lined with a coconut plantation next to which raises itself a charming village living thanks to the peach and the coconut.

- Day 5: Nosy Valiha / Antany Mora / Nosy Berafia

Cape to Nosy Antany Mora occupied by hundreds of birds. To have lunch on board and we pursue our navigation towards Nosy Berafia, the biggest island of the archipelago. Strolls on the ground through old plantations of coffees, green pepper and of ylang ylang.

- Day 6: Nosy Berafia / Bay of the Russians

We sail more than one hour to join after a small day of navigation, the peace and the tranquillity of the Bay of the Russians.

- Day 7: bay of the Russians / Tany Kelly / Nosy Be

After a last good bye to this magic place, we continue to navigate to Tany Kelly, reserve marine where all the fishes of the Indian Ocean seem to have given themselves a appointment ! Then, after the lunch, return towards Nosy Bé where ends your cruise


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