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A tour in Guadeloupe!

There is in the middle of the Caribbean a shape of butterfly, from whom wings shelter numerous creeks and fabulous lagoons: Guadeloupe! Compound of the mountain massif in the southwest, covered with an extraordinary tropical forest, and the Big Earth on the Atlantic side, the vegetation is  dried up by trade winds, covered with cultures of cane and with mangrove swamps. The body of the butterfly, separating both islands is a fine arm of the sea which we call the salty river.

If you have only one week, and that you want to make of the boat in the Antilles, leave renting a catamaran in Guadeloupe.

You will take at first your rent of sailboat in Pointe à Pitre, and you will go away to navigate towards the island of Marie Galante beaches which will delight kids and adults. Some nautical miles on the West and you will find the Saints, small set of islands which visit as much by the ground as by the sea and in its funds (beaches, ballads with scooter, forts). Do not miss the ilet Gosier and its coral reef for the pleasure of the amateurs of snorkeling. Guaranteed rainbow fishes.

The stopovers are free with varied possibilities. If the renter, or your skipper will know how to indicate you the most nice places, do not hesitate to crawl by yourself. Who says to you, that you will not find, for an evening, a paradisiac and abandoned beach just for you?


Sailing boats and catamarans availables for rent