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Lagoon 500 20%
Lagoon 500 (2009)
Athens Kalamaki - Alimnos
from 28/10 to 04/11
7600 € See boat's informations
Bavaria 50 25%
Croatia (Dalmatia Sibenik)
Bavaria 50 (2002)
from 01/10 to 07/10
2528 € See boat's informations
Top destinations of Sail Boat & Catamaran rental.

This country offers a superb navigation area, wide and very sunny during most of the year. It's the perfect destination to refiled battery, with one of the most pleasant climate of the whole Mediterranean. Sun and turquoise water will be present while you will put your boat in the water during the anchorage or when you plunge in the sea ! A crew in Croatia is a unique experience at just a few hours by plane, you need to live this once in your life to understand what we are talking about !


Greece and its islands represent more than 7 500 kilometers of coastline, and they are far to be all identique. The greek coast is scattered with some long beach with thin sand, beautiful coves and sea caves. You will never be bored by its incredible landscape ! Greece is also the birthplace of the first Mediterranean navigations in the age of Antiquity, especialy with its harbour of Piraeus. A few routes are possible for a rent of a monohull sailboat, a catamaran, a schooner or a motor boat in Greece.


Corsica is certainly the most beautiful island of the Mediterranean sea, its nickname of "Island beauty" is not for nothing. Wide area to navigate that associates perfectly sea and montains, Corsica is the best place for the rent of a boat. Every year, many people stay in Corsica for there holidays and for the simple pleasure of renting a boat in order to discover or re-discover the richness of the island through another angle.


Even if the Italian Adriatic coast is less attractive for navigation than the Croatian coast, the Serenissima Venice, which stays absolutly beautiful over the centuries, attracts every year many boaters. The Mediterranean coast stays the most popular sea, with the beauty of its regions such as Liguria, Tuscany or the bay of Naples. Italians are always very proud of their txo big islands: Sicily and Sardignia, which are for them principal places to stay for holidays during the whole summer.

Spain & Balearic

Even though if Spain is near France, the country still offers a total change of scene ! If you don't know the country and its Balearic islands, be prepared for a radical change especially with the climate and its landscape. If you have heard about the iberian culture already, you know then how Spanish people are so welcoming. Let you tempted by Spain and its extraordinary sailing's area where you can see sailboats and catamarans navigate. Spain is also known for its culinary art: wine, tapas and paella have to be tasted when you go there, you will be surprised to see in how many ways they can be prepared. Spain has also a wild night life, with a lot of night clubs internationally known in Barcelona and Ibiza. Rent a boat in Spain with your family or your friends is something you can easy do with Maritima, Spain is the destination that you need !


Discovered in 1501 by Vasco de Gama, who baptized them at first Amirante Islands, the Seychelles are in reality an archipelago of 116 islands located in the est of Africa, in the Indian Ocean. The Seychelles are the destination of all dreams, famous in the whole world for the way they welcome their tourists and their beachs that look like post cards. The archipelago is described as "granitic", contrary to the nature of its land and the presence of big rocs on the beachs. It is overlooked in the North by the four principal islands of the country that are: Mahe, Praslin, North and Silhouette.

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